The Rosa Minstrels are mother (Pat Humphrey) and daughters (Lynn and Amy), a threesome who have enjoyed singing together around the family piano for many years. A few years ago they thought it would be fun to record a CD of unusual Christmas carols from around the world that they enjoyed singing when the girls were young. Recorded at Amy's home studio, the CD was a huge hit among family and friends, a soothing contrast to the hustle and bustle that often accompanies the holiday season.

Once demand outgrew the supply of homemade CDs in homemade fabric pouches, the Minstrels decided to rerecord the songs at a professional studio in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Christopher Rowe, known for his work with the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift. The result, “Célébrons la Naissance,” was released in December 2006 with three new songs not on the original CD. The CD is available online at this web site and at CD Baby and iTunes.

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